Hello, and Welcome!

My name is Jeremy Tevis. I have a BFA in Graphic Design and since 2005 I have been serving clients around the country. My clients have included both large and small companies, non-profit organizations, various churches, groups and friends.

I work from my home studio in rural Vermont, but when I’m not working, I can be found spending time with my beautiful wife Jen, having fun with our four wonderful children, playing guitar, attending church activities, reading an interesting book or learning how to create even better designs. I’m passionate about what I do so I feel lucky to be working in this profession because I love it so much! It doesn’t really feel like a job when you're having fun doing it!

I have a strong passion to create beautiful, engaging, and unforgettable work. I love helping churches, ministries, and non-profits around the world to grow, and my experiences have shaped the way I approach each creative project that comes my way. I also try really hard to keep my prices affordable so that anyone can get the kind of high-quality design that they've always imagined.

I am not a large creative studio, but I understand the unique needs of the clients I serve. If you talk with any of my past clients, I think you'll find my strengths to be a mix of creativity and organization, both of which are important to a successful project. It is always my hope that what I do is a blessing to them and to the people they serve.

Give me a call to chat. I'd love to talk with you!  If you are ever in the central Vermont area, let me know. A cup of coffee and conversation is always a blessing to me.

Let’s create something great together!