MDiv Homiletics - Liberty University, 2020
BFA Graphic Design - Iowa State University, 2006
AAS Electronic Computer Systems Technology - CCAF, 2001
Job Related Training
VHA VISN 15 LEAD Program Graduate - VHA, September 2013
Project Management - FranklinCovey, April 2013 
Presentation Advantage - FranklinCovey, April 2013 
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - FranklinCovey, March 2013
VISN 15 New Supervisor Training - VHA, December, 2012 
Leading Across Generations - FranklinCovey, November 2012 
Crucial Confrontations - VitalSmarts, October 2012 
Non-Commissioned Officer Academy - DoD, October 2011 
Air Force Public Affairs Managers School - DoD, June 2008 
Airman Leadership School - DoD, August 2003
Work Experience
Communications Specialist
VA National Center for PTSD, Executive Division 09/2015 - Present 
White River Junction, Vermont  
› Demonstrate an understanding of analysis and integration of trends and patterns based on diverse information and perspectives to determine the root causes of problems, identify the best course of action, and prioritize efforts. 
› Demonstrate technical knowledge to perform the development, creation, and coordination of graphics, ads, online components, and print media. 
› Demonstrate technical knowledge to create printed, nonprint, and electronic/online visual products (e.g., logos, stationery, administrative forms and certificates, invitations and programs, audiovisual presentations, signs, and/or websites), including layout, design, illustration, and photography, using graphic design and display principles, methods, techniques, and tools. Considers the audience to be reached, the purpose of the project, methods of distribution, costs, and agency policies. 
› Demonstrate the ability to develop new insights and formulates creative solutions, considering the impact and implications of recommendations in the context of overall goals and objectives. Encourages and engages in the development of innovative ideas to enhance organizational efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. 
› Provide the creation of media and media production of a highly technical nature for Veterans as well as for clinical, research, and administrative staff. 
› Contribute to VHA's initiatives to educate the general public, media, and VA stakeholders of the activities, research achievements, and services carried out by VHA. 
› Work with other program specialists to develop and perform liaison with consumer groups regarding VHA communication/public affairs/corporate identity issues. 
› Provide expertise to Center staff in the use of new communication and dissemination technologies and tools. › Knowledge of digital photography, illustration, and electronic recording/editing theories and practices to provide guidance and production requirements to Medical Media personnel, administrative and clinical staff and other allied health employees. 
› Artistic knowledge and skill in a wide range of communication and illustration and graphic design concepts, principles, and practices as well as advanced knowledge of medical subject matter and anatomical terminology, in order to discuss, conceive, plan and execute a variety of difficult, abstract, or complex work assignments. 
› Knowledge of rapidly evolving digital printing/reproduction/photographic technologies is vital in order to advise and effectively plan for the most cost efficient methods of producing final artwork in a timely manner. 
› Knowledge of the principles involved in the design of infographics to effectively transform raw data (e.g., facts, numbers, categories, structural parts, spatial relationships, etc.) into meaningful concepts that simplify information without distorting it, and present it in an instantly graspable and visually engaging way. 

Visual Information Specialist/Webmaster 
Department of Veterans Affairs 07/2010 - 09/2015 
Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center Wichita, Kansas
› Masterfully performed many tasks and contributed significantly to help communicate effectively to staff and Veterans the Core Values of the Department of Veterans Affairs of Integrity, Commitment, Advocacy, Respect, and Excellence. 
› Participate in driving forward the mission and objectives of Medical Media to include collaboration with local, regional, and national clients. A large majority of this has been accomplished while serving as the Chair for the national VHA Medical Media Council. 
› Asked to personally help train other VA employees from the PMDB and BTMP national program office in Portland, Oregon. Our previous Chief of Staff also contacted me to train some VA staff at the White River Junction VA Medical Center in Vermont. In addition, I have also provided multiple training sessions for VISN 15 employees and Medical Media personnel across the country. 
› Diligently led and completed a wide variety of high quality creative and diverse projects while collaborating with staff from nearly every department in the Medical Center. 
› Involved daily in the management of Medical Media to include day-to-day operations and the entire scope of everything produced in Medical Media. 
› Manage, inventory, and maintain a vast Audiovisual Equipment pool for Medical Media staff and other VA employees to use. › Provide on-site Audiovisual support in conference rooms to troubleshoot audio or video issues. I also help set up video players, projectors, computers, and other equipment if needed for events like Town Halls or other special events. 
› Recognized as a subject matter expert at our Medical Center on anything and everything associated with Graphic Design, Web Design, Video Production, Photography, and SharePoint. › Highly skilled photography skills! I’ve shot photos in a studio, on location, in conferences, in clinical settings, for research, and for public relations. 
› Provide support for the administration, design, development, testing, technical planning, operational management, troubleshooting, implementation and delivery of content on the Intranet, Internet, SharePoint, and Social Media sites for the Dole VA. 
› Professionally advised, consulted, and coordinated with local, VISN, and national level subject matter experts many times on various formats, styles, options, and methods to help effectively convey their message to translate their ideas and information into something that engages the viewer’s attention. 
› Utilizing an extensive variety of skills and a broad range of visual arts knowledge, I have designed, developed, and delivered countless printed, web-based, video and other digital materials for patient and employee education. 
› Provide high-quality design consultation, planning and solutions for a wide variety of printed projects, such as: business cards, postcards, bookmarks, stickers, posters, flyers, certificates, handouts, banners, table tents, signage, and wayfinding that are all produced in-house using Medical Media production equipment such as: wide-format printers, card cutters, laminators, stack cutters, spray booth and duplicators. › Capture, edit, and distribute content for local video productions using state-of-the-art High Definition (HD) video equipment in both studio and on location environments for patient and employee education. As a testament to the quality of the videos that I produce, some of the videos I’ve worked on have been picked up at the VISN and national levels in VHA. 
› Using current software engineering practices, project management principles, innovative systems analysis, and creative design techniques, I launched an initiative to review and overhaul all of the brochures produced by Medical Media in our Medical Center. This goal of uniting the image of the Dole VA Medical Center under a consistent brand following the guidance of the VA and VHA style guides, I developed a template for all of the brochures produced at the Dole VA. The impact from this was so enormous that it was picked up by VISN 15 as a best practice and adopted by other Medical Centers in VISN 15. 
› Network with local, state, VISN, VACO, and other VHA National Program Offices on a variety of projects. Established national SharePoint sites and communications plans for VHA Medical Media, Prevention and Management of Disruptive Behavior (PMDB), and Behavioral Threat Management Program (BTMP). 
› Team player! I work really well with others and am a valuable member in collaborative groups. I am also very dependable and trustworthy, and I have a keen eye and strong attention to detail. I don’t settle for the mantra of something that is “good enough for government.” I always try to make things better. 

Computer/Data Maintenance Journeyman 
134th ACS/184th IW 10/2010 - 03/2014 (7-level Tech Sergeant)
Kansas Air National Guard McConnell AFB, Kansas
› Troubleshot, repaired and replaced standard voice, data and video network infrastructure systems and cryptographic equipment. 
› Coordinated, Integrated, and supervised network design, configuration, operation, defense, restoration, and improvements. 
› Analyzed capabilities and performance, identified problems, and took corrective action. › Fabricated, Terminated and interconnected wiring associated with network infrastructure devices. › Installed, upgraded, replaced, configured and maintained systems and circuits that access military, Federal, and commercial networks. 
› Removed, repaired and replaced assemblies and subassemblies to optimally sustain voice, data and video networks and communication lines, using the latest approved software tools. › Established priorities, maintained, tested, troubleshot and repaired network systems equipment and circuits utilizing tools and test equipment. 
› Isolated malfunctions using diagnostic software, technical data, block diagrams and other tests requiring specialized test equipment. › Directly supervised, trained, delegated and led 16 lower ranking airmen while they performed a variety of mission required tasks. 
› Coordinated needs, status updates, and procedures with upper-level Command leadership and other staff. › Wrote performance reviews and conducted employee feedback sessions at the end of the year. 
› Helped troops set goals for their future and guided them in reaching those goals. 
› Disciplined staff when needed, and worked with them to get them back on track. 
› Encouraged everyone to work together as a team and defused tense moments between employees. › Wrote reports for senior leadership and helped to communicate orders to lower ranking airmen. › Promoted good work practices and was able to build a positive rapport with all of my staff. 
› Remained calm under pressure and practiced responsible and effective decision-making skills. 
› Designed, implemented, and evaluated training programs. 
› Honorable Discharge as a Technical Sergeant (E-6) in 2014. 

Public Affairs Specialist - Broadcast 
185th ARW 10/2006 - 09/2010 
Iowa Air National Guard Sioux City, Iowa
› Designed a variety of printed and video production pieces, including: end of year videos, DVD packaging, annual reports, PowerPoint presentations, training videos, welcome packets, brochures, posters, feature news broadcasts, recruiting materials, and websites. 
› Video productions I produced were broadcasted both on major news channels and on military news websites. › Strong ability to follow detailed instructions and meet tight deadlines while producing high-quality work.
Public Affairs Specialist (Temp Tech) 
Joint Forces Headquarters - Iowa National Guard 10/2009 - 06/2010 
Johnston, Iowa
› Lead Designer and Editor for Iowa’s quarterly state publication, the Militiaman. 
› Served as the primary technical coordinator for broadcast operations, printed designs, and web design. 
› Operated, managed and maintained all studio and field broadcast and photography equipment, and kept a current inventory of equipment with zero discrepancies or lost items while under my watch.
› Assisted with logistics and production of press conferences and prepared presentation materials for briefings with senior leadership. › Made recommendations for software and hardware purchases and maintenance. 

Video Designer and Graphic Designer 
EFCO Corp. 05/2005 - 10/2009 
Des Moines, Iowa
› Traveled to various job sites around the country to shoot video footage of customers using EFCO’s products. 
› Edited training videos, sales videos, and internal video projects in Avid using new and existing footage.
› Added intros, motion graphics, and special effects using After Effects and designed menus for DVDs. 
› Served as an ambassador and lead tours for current and potentially high-dollar customers through EFCO’s company museum.
› Animated assembly and cycling procedures for EFCO’s formwork using 3ds Max.
› Designed product catalogs, recruiting materials, posters, trade-show exhibits, and specialty advertising.
Computer Maintenance Journeyman 
133rd TS/185th ARW 10/2002 - 09/2006 
Iowa Air National Guard 
Fort Dodge, Iowa
› Leader among peers in Computer Maintenance for troubleshooting, repairing, and performing system diagnostics on field-deployable operation modules containing cryptographic equipment. 
› Planned, organized, and directed maintenance activities and preventive maintenance inspections. 
› Ensured compliance with technical instructions, communication plans, and technical drawings to conform to standard operating procedures. 
› Reported discrepancies and resolved errors quickly, resulting in minimal equipment downtime. 
› Performed organizational and intermediate depot level repair following technical orders and work standards while maintaining safety for myself and co-workers at all times. 
› Tested repair components for proper operation using bench mockups and related test equipment. 
› Ensured compliance with operation security and information security standards and practices. 
› Removed, repaired, and replaced assemblies, subassemblies, and electronic components to support mission requirements in a timely matter. 
› Coordinated and assisted end users in isolating and eliminating communications connectivity problems. 

Electronic Computer, Network, Switching and Cryptographic Systems Journeyman
U.S. Air Force (Active Duty) 06/1998 - 09/2002 
Offutt AFB, Nebraska 
› Troubleshooted, Repaired, and documented maintenance actions performed on Missile Warning computers in both the USSTRATCOM Command Center and the Alternate Missile Warning Center. 
› Experience with handling and guarding SCI level information for the USSTRATCOM Command Center. 
› Honorable Discharge as a Senior Airman (E-4) in 2002.
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